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Pork Tenderloin Recipe from Etch

Posted at 12:20 PM, Apr 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-25 13:20:05-04

Chefs Deb Paquette and Jess Lambert from Etch shared a recipe for Pork Tenderloin that will be part of the menu at Generous Helpings event on May 10. (see recipe below)

  • Generous Helpings benefits Second Harvest’s grocery rescue program, which works to reduce both hunger and food waste by rescuing, sorting, and distributing frozen meat, dairy, produce and dry groceries from more than 280 grocery stores and food donors.
  • This year’s event on May 10 will consist of multiple three-course dinners taking place simultaneously at five local restaurants throughout Nashville: Chaatable, Etch, Hathorne, Joyland and Thai Esane. 
  • Generous Helpings 2022 is presented by Kroger and their Zero Hunger Zero Waste initiative. 
  • Tickets are on sale now at Second Harvest’s website for $125 per person. Visit for tickets and more information.


8-9 oz pork loin steaks - 4-6 portions


1qt water

1 ⅓ brown sugar

2T black peppercorns

2T chopped garlic

1-2 arbol chili’s (or comparable heat)

2T rough chopped fresh thyme

Place all ingredients in a small pot and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes. Let cool for 15 minutes and add 1 qt ice cubes.

Place brine in a 3-4 qt container, add chops and brine for 2 hours

Remove chops from brine, rinse well, pat dry with a paper towel.

If not cooking right away, place in the refrigerator and cover. Chops can

stay 3-4 days before cooking.


Choose if you want to grill or sauté the chops. For the best flavor, serve medium.

Use a thermometer and cook until 135.


8 - 12 med. red potatoes (2 each)

Bake potatoes until done. Cool.

Choose a heavy duty sauté pan or cast iron. Place about ¼” vegetable oil in the bottom of the pan. Turn to med heat. Place potatoes on a cutting board and smash with the palm of your hand….do not break apart. Lightly salt and pepper. You will probably need to cook in 2 batches.

Place potatoes in hot oil and flip over after the potatoes become crispy. Crisp on the other side.

Set on a cookie sheet and hold warm until meat is cooked. If they get to cool, rewarm under a low broiler.


Amarillo paste is available on Amazon or a Latin market

1 12/c sour cream

1 - 2 t Amarillo paste

1/4t salt

1/8t turmeric

Mix well. Hold covered in the fridge.


1/3c chayote - peel and matchstick slice

½ firm pear, skin on - sliced thin (not overripe)

6 cherry tomatoes - ¼’d or ½ ‘d

½ - med. red bell pepper - small slices

1 small ear of corn, kernels removed

1/2c diced English cucumber

¼ bunch cilantro

Place all ingredients in a medium bowl


2 each limes, fine zest and juice

2 T orange juice

1 small shallot

8 springs cilantro

½ t fish sauce (can be optional)

1/2c canola oil

1t salt 1t sugar

Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until very smooth.

Pour over the veggies an hour before you serve.


3 small beets

1 ½ T red wine vinegar

3T olive oil

1T honey

6 springs chopped parsley

Peel the beets, wash, and cut in ¼” slices. Place beets in a small ovenproof pan. Season with 1t. salt, 1t. sugar, 1T olive oil. Toss well, cover with foil and cook on 350 for 20 minutes. Remove foil, stir, return to oven to finish cooking - 15ish minutes. Drain excess beet juice. Cool and cut in ¼” dice.

Mix with the oil, vinegar, honey and parsley. This can be refrigerated ahead of time and give it 30 minutes to come to room temp.


Each person should have at least 1cup of greens.

TO THE PLATE……. place the pork on the plate, arrange the potatoes, set greens with the garden ceviche on top. Put the beets on top of the pork.