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Trace Barnett's Fall Window Box

Posted at 11:54 AM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 12:54:21-04

Lifestyle expert and author Trace Barnett showed how to put together a colorful fall window box (for directions see below). Find gardening tips, recipes and more in Trace's book Tracing Roots: A Modern Approach to Living Off the Land, which is available wherever you buy books. Follow Trace on Instagram @thebittersocialite.



Window Box

Small gourds and pumpkins


Coconut bark (optional) 

Terracotta pot

Branches or dried summer flowers


1. If your window box is wire, line the box with a coconut bark liner or the dried silks from each ear of corn.

2. Pull back the corn shucks to expose the golden, dried corn kernels. Arrange ears of corn at each end of the box with a heavily layered effect.

3. Place a terracotta pot upside down in the center of the box to form a support for gourds and pumpkins. Arrange gourds by first placing large varieties on the bottom layer. Alternate colors, and textures with each additional layer. To achieve a “spilling” effect, place pumpkins and unusual varieties on the top. Allowing them to hang over the edge.

4. Add gnarly, moss covered branches and dried summer flowers to all height and visual appeal. Arrange them by inserting stems into the window box in an evenly distributed manner.