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White Bison's Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte

Posted at 12:34 PM, Sep 04, 2018
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Christine Garringer from White Bison Coffee made a Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte and showed how to make cold brew coffee at home. (see recipe below) White Bison Coffee's new location in 12 South is located at 2607 12th Ave South, and is open Sunday through Thursday from 6am to 9pm and Friday and Saturday from 6am to 10pm. The market’s first floor also includes a pet-friendly patio facing 12 South’s bustling main street. For more information, visit

To make Cold Brew Coffee in a Large Mason Jar

- 4 ounces coarsely ground coffee

- 3 cups filtered water


Small Mason Jar

- 2 ounces coarsely ground coffee

- 12 ounces filtered water



  • Place the ground coffee and water in the mason jar, then seal and place in the fridge
  • The coffee can steep from 12 - 14 hours, essentially overnight
  • Once the coffee has steeped, you will strain the coffee to separate the coffee grounds from the cold brew concentrate
  • You will then add water to where it's 1:1 cold brew concentrate to water
  • For the larger mason jar recipe, the 4 ounces of coarsely ground coffee will yield 12 ounces, and to make the cold brew you drink, you'll then add 12 ounces of water
  • The cold brew will last 14 days refrigerated 

Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte or “Beehive” 


For the syrup:  You can either make your own simple honey syrup or purchase an already made simple honey syrup and add cinnamon to it.  Syrup mixes better with the cold coffee vs. regular honey. 



  • ¾ c water 
  • ¾ c honey 
  • 3 cinnamon sticks 
  • Warm together in small saucepan on medium-high until boils 
  • Reduce heat to simmer and then let cool for 5 minutes 
  • Remove cinnamon sticks 
  • Store syrup in fridge until needed 



  • Ice cubes 
  • Cold brew coffee 
  • Whole milk (or another milk or choice, almond milk is a good alternative for dairy free) 
  • Sprinkle of ground cinnamon 


TO SERVE – add some ice cubes to a serving glass. Pour in the cold brew coffee. Add in the desired amount of milk and honey cinnamon simple syrup, then mix to combine. Sprinkle the top with a touch of cinnamon.