Friends Gather To Support Cheatham County Mayor Fighting For His Life

Posted at 5:09 PM, Jul 12, 2015

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. - Like the seasoned politician he has become, David McCullough has known how to work a crowd, but Sunday's gathering in an Ashland City park wasn't to celebrate a campaign victory.

"I was elected in 2012," he explained.

With two terms as Cheatham County's mayor, this 52-year-old hasn't been fighting off political challengers, he's been fighting for his life.

"One thing led to another with the diagnosis of stage four colon cancer," he said.

David was set to start chemotherapy Monday morning and statistics have not been in his favor, yet he's determined to keep leading these people, this county.

"I want my mind to continue to be used, I don't wanna park it and focus on just the cancer part, I wanna focus on helping other people," he said.

Knowing what he's about to face, his constituents, friends, and family braved the heat to show their support at a prayer vigil Sunday.

"This will be my strength, this will be running through my head and heart," David remarked.

David may be used to running political campaigns, but this is the kind of battle he can't afford to lose.