Lawsuit Seeks $55 Million For Coal Ash Cleanup Workers

Posted at 3:49 PM, Jul 07, 2015

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A new federal lawsuit seeking $55 million in damages has been filed on behalf of 11 workers who say they suffered health damage from cleaning up the Kingston coal ash spill.

The lawsuit was filed against California-based Jacobs Engineering Group, which was hired by the Tennessee Valley Authority to clean up a 2008 spill at TVA's Kingston Fossil Plant.

The lawsuit alleges negligence, saying Jacobs didn't take precautions to ensure the health and safety of workers.

Attorney Jim Scott filed the lawsuit after a similar 2013 complaint of his was dismissed by a district judge who said Jacobs Engineering was protected because it was acting under the auspices of governmental agencies.

A Jacobs Engineering spokeswoman did not immediately return calls for comment.

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