Security Video Catches Vandals In The Act

Posted at 7:55 PM, Jul 06, 2015

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Murfreesboro police have released surveillance video of a man vandalizing a convenience store with the clerk still inside.

The shows an innocent store clerk showered with glass and diving for cover fearing for his life.

The motive for the attack remains a mystery, but Murfreesboro police hope releasing the security video leads to some answers and arrests.

"What you are about to see no one expected," said Kyle Evans with the Murfreesboro Police Dept.

He is showing security video from the Shell Station on Greenland Drive in Murfreesboro. A customer is seen shopping and then paying for several items.

"Everything appears to be just fine between the two," said Evans.

The customer walks to his car, while the unsuspecting clerk inside counts money.

What happens next seems to be without reason.

It's not often you catch a vandal in the act.

The video shows the man opening his car door, reaching for a brick and giving a quick countdown to an accomplice.

"One, two, three and they throw the bricks through the window at the same time and then take off in the vehicle," said Evans.

Inside the store window explodes into shards of glass.

"As you see it happens so fast," said Evans.

The terrified clerk dives for cover.

The video shows the two bricks slamming into the market doing more damage.

"This is highly unusual to have this much good video," said Evans..

He hopes the video helps solve the bizarre case.

Fortunately the clerk was not seriously injured in the attack.

Anyone who recognizes the suspects in the video is asked to contact Murfreesboro police.