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Book your holiday travel now to save

Posted at 7:29 AM, Sep 04, 2018

Summer is not officially over yet, but it is time to start thinking about holiday travel.

New data from Google's travel team shows September may be the best time to find cheap flights for the most popular holiday in the United States -- Thanksgiving.

Regardless of the destination, Google says airfares are likely to go up 75 days before departures. Prices are also expected to go up again 35 days before departure. In fact, the company says if you wait to book your trip until October, you will likely see a 95% price increase.

If you wait to book in November, Google says last-minute travelers can expect another 30% increase.

Despite the data, not all experts agree.

Travel website "Hipmunk" says it's not too late to book next month. The website says the first week of October is the optimal time for booking flights for Thanksgiving.

Whichever method you choose, here are some saving tips to consider:

  • Experts recommend flying on Thanksgiving Day for cheapest flights, fewer crowd and shortest lines.
  • Do not fly back the day after Thanksgiving. Try and extend your trip, if possible.
  • You can save big by returning home during the midweek after Thanksgiving.