3 money tips to become a successful social media influencer

Posted at 1:40 PM, Apr 24, 2017

The "cool kids" have always set the trends, but now they aren't in a high school hallway... they're on Instagram and they're influencing a whole lot of people they don't even know. So how do you get in the game? You don't need millions of followers, but you do need a plan. Jared Cotter is talking with social media expert Tami Brehse and Erica Ligenza from the popular Coming Up Roses blog to get some expert tips on how to cash in on this popular new trend.

1.  Pick Your Niche

A social media influencer is someone with a significant following and a particular niche. Whether that is cars, clothing or beauty, and their followers look to the influencers on advice on what to buy, what products to use, where to travel, and how to live their lives.

2.  Brand Yourself

Pick a few basic colors that you're going to stick with and pick the same one or two filters. Use those same ones consistently every time you post. You want the feed to be visually appealing. You don't want it to be a mishmash. The goal is that when someone sees one of your posts they say it's from you immediately.

3.  Contact Brands

Pitch brands yourself and work on building relationships so that you can really cater the content to what your audience will really like the best. Even when the money comes rolling in, remember to sound like a friend, not an infomercial in your posts.

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