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Benny Bills Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Stacy Benton

Posted at 9:08 AM, Nov 09, 2018

All it takes is the ring of a bell to start her student’s day off right! That’s why second grade teacher, Mrs. Stacy Benton at Benny Bills Elementary is an Excellent Educator. 

“As soon as I hear that bell, I come running! My hope is that it starts their day off on a positive note,” says Stacy Benton. 

I’ve found my next Excellent Educator here at Benny Bills Elementary School. Her name is Stacy Benton and there’s something special she does every single morning, for all the students in the school. 

“I’m Stacy Benton. I’m a second grade teacher. This is my room here at Benny Bills Elementary. My theme is bees. We are Mrs. Benton’s Busy Bees! We are a family in here.”

“Every morning before school, I put a small stool outside my classroom door. On that stool is a sign that says, ‘if you need a hug – ring the bell!’ When I first started it, I didn’t hear the bell at all. Once that first child rang the bell, it’s now an average of about 20 times per morning,” says Mrs. Benton. 

“Mrs. Benton is a really good teacher,” says student Bella Smith. 

“We are going on safari to learn about some wild animals today. She makes us feel loved and she makes us feel happy,” says Mrs. Benton. 

“When we ring it, she knows when we need a hug. I feel like the reason she put it out there is because she loves us,” adds Bella. 

“I work at an amazing school and it’s so rewarding for me. I just want to be here for them,” says Mrs. Benton. 

Thank you Mrs. Benton for being our next Excellent Educator.