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Blackman High Librarians Misti Jenkins & Brian Seadorf

Posted at 12:35 PM, Mar 09, 2018

Brian Seadorf and Misti Jenkins are the Librarians of Blackman High School in Rutherford Country. Together they have made the school’s library a unique and special spot for their students. 

“It’s the best job in the world. Every day is different. Every day is just full of energy and we wouldn’t like it any other way. We are the librarians at Blackman High School. We call this the Blaze Library. We see hundreds of students all day long. We are not exactly a ‘shush’ library. Whatever you used to think of high school libraries, or other school libraries, we have deliberately tried to go the opposite of that. We are always trying to find ways to make it better. 

I often do the blind date with a book, or we call it speed dating with a book, with our classes. We have an excellent book club, we have a Nintendo Wii, we have our Star Wars lunches, and we have Ted Talk Tuesdays in here where we play a Ted Talk. We have teacher stories where teachers will actually come in and we film their story.”

Foreign Exchange Student Eva Khechoyan says, “They are really helpful about anything, not only just the library stuff, but also your personal stuff. They try to help the students. Also, it’s a cool place. You make friends. All of my friends that I’ve made are from the library.”

“I want students to become lifelong readers. I would also like them to say, I found myself on the shelf. That’s kind of one of our mottos. We’ve worked really hard to change the climate of our library. It’s nice to know that one of our teachers noticed to nominate us.”

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