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Lynchburg Elementary Science/Social Studies Teacher Mr. Dusty

Posted at 10:13 AM, Oct 16, 2018

He loves cooking up some fun in his 4th grade classroom at Lynchburg Elementary School. Science and Social Studies teacher Mr. Dusty says having fun in the kitchen helps teach his students a lesson they won’t forget! That’s why he’s an Excellent Educator. 

“He’s funny. He has a good personality. He’s always letting us do all of this cool, crazy stuff,” says student Sharlette Myers. 

In our “Excellent Educator” series, we are always looking for that educator that goes the extra mile. I found one here today at Lynchburg Elementary. His name is Mr. Dusty and we are going to cook up a storm.

“I teach 4th grade Social Studies and Science here at Lynchburg Elementary. Today, you are going to be entering Mr. Dusty’s Café. We are going to be cooking across the curriculum. 

It’s fun for the students, because we have been learning about Native Americans and they had tortillas. So, we are going to use our engineering process and create this recipe. They enjoy it. I enjoy it,” says Mr. Dusty.

“Mr. Dusty is actually a really fun teacher. He is exciting. He is actually a good teacher and he is really, really nice,” adds student Aubree Vaughn.

“That’s what we are here for. We are here to make the kids want to enjoy this experience of coming to school,” says Mr. Dusty.

“You never get off track, you are always super-duper nice and you always let us do all of this cool stuff,” says Myers. 

“Now, this photo here is of Lillian Phelps. She was my 4th grade teacher. Mrs. Phelps always made it into a fun environment. I introduce Mrs. Phelps to my class on the first day. I say, she’s watching over us and she’s going to make us have a wonderful school year. If you had to dedicate this segment to anybody, I would dedicate it to Lillian Phelps,” says Mr. Dusty. 

Thank you Mr. Dusty for being our next Excellent Educator!