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Walter Hill Elementary 5th Grade Teacher Miss Autumn Bivins

Posted at 11:16 AM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 12:16:56-04

Every day is a voyage across the “sea” of learning thanks to this nautical-themed classroom, classroom pets, fun accents, and much more that Miss Autumn Bivins does all year long for her students! That’s why she’s our next Excellent Educator! 

“She worked very hard for this job. She had a passion to be a teacher, and she did what she wanted to do. She makes it easier for the kids to have fun during school and to like school, and to like coming into the classroom today,” says student Damon Goring. 

We are setting sail to meet Miss Autumn Bivins in her classroom at Walter Hill Elementary. She’s our next Excellent Educator for several reasons, like a nautical-themed classroom all year long! She’s so much fun and so are her students. 

“Hi. My name is Autumn Bivins. I teach 5th grade here at Walter Hill. This is my second year teaching and I’m a mom of a nineteen month old baby, so I stay pretty busy. As you can see, everything is very nautical-themed. My favorite place is the beach. The nautical theme will stay all year long and we have no traditional seating options. The students come in and they get to choose a spot that works best for them. We like to start our day, every morning, with a morning meeting. This helps the kids to get off anything off their chest that they need to. A few things that I do inside of the classroom to keep them engaged- one of their favorites is to talk in a British or Russian accent,” says Bivins.

“She’s energetic, she’s funny and she makes the day exciting for the kids,” adds Daman.

“She’s funny, she jokes around a lot and she is nice. Shelly is this one because it’s the smaller one. Sheldon is the bigger one,” says student Will Millsap. 

“They’ll take turns feeding them and cleaning out the tank. I feel blessed to work at a school and for a principal that allows us to step outside of the box,” says Bivins. 

It was so much fun setting sail with Miss Bivins, our next Excellent Educator!