Rice Krispies Treats As Big As Your Face At ZolliKoffee

Rice Krispies Treats the size of your face here in Nashville? It’s true people, and you can find them at ZolliKoffee Shop!

First of all, Zolli’s is a quaint, cozy, wonderful spot that is perfect for a quick bite to eat or afternoon of coffee sipping. Zollie and his employees are a great bunch, and what they are cooking up in the kitchen is just as sweet!

These face-sized Rice Krispy Treats come in several flavors like Classy, Fruity Pebs, Triple Chocolate, and my favorite the Cinna Toast Crunch! Zolli’s says these treats are made with a blend of rice cereal, marshmallows, and love. Zollie's own brother makes the krispies- putting a twist on a classic treat.

So, are they really the size of your face? Take my word – they are!

If you want some more information on all of the great things they serve at ZolliKoffee shop, just click here: www.zollikoffee.com

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