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True TN Flavor In The Music City Dog At Daddy's Dogs

Posted at 9:52 AM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 10:58:29-04

The Music City Dog is true Nashville flavor - in a hot dog!

It’s bigger, it’s better, it’s fresher and it’s my next Music City Must! If you live in Nashville, you’ve most likely found yourself at one of his stands when hunger calls, after a late night of honky tonkin’. So many nights, Daddy’s Dogs saved the day when the show was over, and I was hungry! The idea is genius. Daddy’s sets up shop along some of Nashville’s most popular late-night spots, like Broadway and Demonbreun streets. Then he waits. As the bars close, the business pops! 

Like zombies pouring out onto the streets, people flock to the hot dog stands. What better way to wait for your Uber than by having a snack! If the sight of these gourmet dogs doesn’t get your attention at first, the smell eventually will. Yum! Daddy’s Dogs now has a brand-new brick and mortar located in the Nations neighborhood of Nashville.

I had to check out this new spot for myself and try the dog named after our city. It’s called the Music City Dog! Owner Sean Porter is the “daddy” behind Daddy’s Dogs. He makes the Music City Dog by piling on cheddar cheese, bacon, onions, and BBQ sauce. After one bite, I was convinced that if Music City had a flavor - this hot dog would be it. 

Side story, they call Sean “Big Daddy” from his time in the music industry as a Road Manager, the dad of the tour in many ways. When he quit touring to start a hot dog company, he said that there was a little skepticism from some folks, but I’d say it all worked out just fine for daddy, and his dogs!  Check out all of their gourmet hot dog selections at Daddy’s Dogs here: