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What You Should Know About Air Filters

Posted at 12:56 PM, Mar 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-09 13:55:17-05

Do you really need the expensive air filters? Or are the cheap ones good enough? That’s the question we’re asking in today’s Now You Know How!

Rheem Pro Partner Mike Dial breaks it down for us. “There’s a couple of different types. There’s the standard throwaway filter. A lot of people like to use it, but I highly recommend you don’t. They do not catch a lot of the particles so they get back into your duct work and cause a lot of issues in your system. Folks like to use them because they’re cheaper.

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So it is better to go with a pleated style filter. Spend a couple more bucks, you know. Splurge. It’s better for you, for your health and it helps protect the investment you have in your heating and air systems.

And when you buy this filter – you need to change it every 30 days. A lot of people don’t change them and they get built up with debris from being in there too long and causes issues with your system. It can cause future breakdowns and lack of air flow- the home doesn’t heat and cool properly. Then you’re paying a service tech to come out and paying $65 buck for them to tell you to change your filter. So just listen to me now and save some money!”

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