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Consumer Reports: Best tech gifts for $50 or less

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Posted at 9:05 AM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 10:10:25-05

(CONSUMER REPORTS/WTVF) — Looking for gift ideas for that special someone? Consumer Reports suggests these budget-friendly tech gadgets -- all for $50 or less.

First up is the Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

“This is a great low-cost tech idea for kids. It lets you create profiles, so everyone has their own home screen and the apps they want,” said Mary Beth Quirk, Consumer Reports Shopping Editor.

Although the display quality and processing power aren’t equal to those of an iPad, the Fire tablet does offer expandable storage with its built-in microSD card reader.

Next, CR says to check out the brand-new 4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot.

“The newly redesigned Dot is in the shape of a sphere! And our testers found that this version sounds a bit better than its predecessor,” Quirk said.

And if you’re shopping for someone who loves taking pictures, check out Kodak’s Printomatic instant camera.

“It’s the fastest instant camera of the ones we reviewed, delivering photos in just 38 seconds,” said Quirk.

The Printomatic also stores your photos on an SD card, so you can print them out again wherever and whenever you want.

And if there’s someone on your shopping list who could use a little peace and quiet, the wireless noise-canceling headphones from Monoprice may be just what they need.

“Our tests found these headphones have excellent active noise reduction and very good sound quality,” added Quirk.

And their noise-canceling feature can be used without even having to listen to music or videos, ensuring your loved one will have a very silent night.

And if you're shopping online, make sure you get it done soon. With so many more people doing their shopping online this year, retailers and shippers both warn to expect delays. So, get what you want ordered now so you've got a chance that it'll arrive by Christmas.