1 Sought, Another In Custody After Perry Co. Pursuit

LINDEN, Tenn. - Perry County authorities have asked for the public’s help in locating a suspect who allegedly fled after a car chase and foot pursuit. 

Sheriff’s officials said Timothy Smith is wanted for violation of probation, resisting arrest, evading arrest and aggravated criminal trespass. He was last seen in the 13000 block of Crooked Creek Road.

Another suspect, Christopher Shane Floyd, was taken into custody.

Investigators said Smith is not considered dangerous, but residents should be cautious and lock their doors and vehicles.

It all started when deputy Matt Votaw pulled over a truck for having a damaged license plate. 

That's when he realized the people inside had warrants out for their arrest. 

Deputy Matt Votaw said, "Methamphetamine more than likely." 

Once the suspects realized they were spotted, they took off. 

Votaw said, "They just didn't want to go to jail." 

The Ford F-150 nearly clipped a civilian vehicle during the pursuit. 

They reached a speed of 55 miles per hour on Crooked Creek Road. 

Votaw said, "That crooked creek is given that name for a reason."

In the dash cam video, the driver trespasses into a private hunting preserve.

Votaw said, "There's a huge tree that was laying right there... He drove right past it hoping I would hit it to lose me." 

All together, they chased the two suspects for over 20 miles.

Votaw said, "He ran across and came out the other side of the back water. He came across and we could see where the mud was up where he came out." 

Police ran after the suspects through hip high weeds towards the Tennessee River.

Votaw said, "Our drug investigator found him hid underneath the river bank. Once he identified him, he tried to run into the river, and swim away. Deputy Donelson chased him into the water, and drug him back to the shore." 

Fugitive Christopher Floyd was arrested, but the passenger Timothy Smith, got away.

Votaw said, "He's got a gimp leg or hip or something like that, so that's why we were surprised we weren't able to find him. I guess he's good at hide and seek. It was very thick back there, you could see from the video." 

Anyone with information on Timothy Smith's whereabouts should call 931-589-3900.  

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