1929 Building Returns To A Boutique Hotel

Posted at 8:34 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 14:05:10-04

The James Robertson Hotel that was built in Nashville in 1929 is being refurbished for $50-million.

In sobro it seems like sparkly skyscrapers are popping up on every corner, casting shadows on the old brick buildings that hold our city's history. 

Joyce Cote said, "So I guess the bird of Nashville is the crane?" 

Construction cranes fly high in the sky, something tourists will remember Nashville by.

Bob Cote said, "The funny thing is you can't walk somewhere without having to cross the street because the sidewalks are closed. It seems every block there's a big job going on." 

Tucked in the shadows is the old James Robertson Hotel. 

It was built on 7th Avenue North the same year the stock market crashed ending the roaring 20's and starting the Great Depression. 

Cote said, "It would be a shame to tear down some of these buildings, it's so beautiful!" 

It has been put on the National Registry of Historic places. 

The allure of this art-deco style building caught the eye of Hyatt Hotels. A local construction company is in the process of renovating and updating it. 

Tom O'Shea said, 'It's pretty massive scaffolding. Lot of work on that. Pretty old brick building." 

We just got a sneak peak of the renderings from HRI Properties LLC. The rooms will have a modern twist with a 20's flare.

O'Shea said, "I think that's important. Where I'm from there's a lot of old preserved buildings which is pretty cool because you can then talk about their history and the history of the city which I think is pretty important." 

So as the Nashville landscape continues to change, and more tourists fill the streets, a little piece of our history will remain at the Holston House.

Cote said, "It's a place we'll come back because it's so much fun and hopefully everything will be done by the time we get back."

The Holston House will also have a rooftop bar and restaurant. 

The hotel is planning to open in December of 2017. 

More information can be found here.