Mobile Home Catches Fire, Flames Spread To Storage Unit

Posted at 5:36 AM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 17:44:59-04

Crews were called to a residence in Wilson County after flames tore through the home before spreading to a storage unit. 

The first call came in at 3:12 a.m. Wednesday at a residence on Old Laguardo Road West. 

Amber Frye and her boyfriend came home to flames filling her mobile home. 

"The back bedroom was on fire, the living room was starting to catch on fire and then pretty soon it was just smoke everywhere. And then all the windows started popping," Frye said. 

Investigators said the blaze broke out at a woman's mobile first. Water pressure issues and hydrant problems made the fire difficult to extinguish.

"She lost her house! Due to the fire hydrant didn't work," Jeremy Fryes said. 

Frye said his sister, Amber, is going through a lot. 

"If they didn't save that house, they could have saved the second house. My dad passed away 6 months ago. Everything that he had was in that house," Frye said. 

His belongings were in the storage building.

Frye said the residence was broken into three weeks ago and fears the fire is suspicious.

"Everything was turned off. The house has been broken into repeatedly, I don't see how it could be an accident," Frye said. 

No injuries were reported. They are not sure how it started. 

"I don't have a clue.. it was just me that lived here and my soon to be baby," Frye added. 

The shift commander with the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency said there were a few gas cans in the yard that didn't look right. 

"They were out of place. So we just thought it be wise to have law enforcement to come out and investigate," Lee Bowling said. 

They also investigated the lack of pressure to the fire hydrants on Old Laugruado Road. According to officials Wednesday afternoon, the lack of pressure was due to a water main that has burst approximately a quarter mile south of the hydrant.

"It's not uncommon as many hydrants as there are in utility districts it's hard for them to hit every one and keep them up to date so unfortunately sometimes this is how we find them," Bowling said. 

The Frye's are perplexed that their hydrant hadn't been checked.

"What it boils down to is it's a lucky situation here but the next one might not be so lucky," Frye said. 

Now Amber is just trying to cope with a series of unfortunate events.

"When you lose everything it's difficult to find out where you are going to go from there." 

The Red Cross is assisting the family at this time.