200 residents pledge not to cut their lawns in Nashville for "No Mow Month"

Cumberland River Compact says natural lawns can benefit the environment
No Mow Month
Posted at 3:49 PM, Apr 09, 2023

EAST NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Dozens of Davidson County residents are not mowing their lawns during the month of April.

The Cumberland River Compact is behind "No Mow Month." The initiative focuses on creating healthier water, soil and everyday environmental habits by not mowing lawns.

"When we look at our landscapes, having native plants really helps to soak in and infiltrate water," explained Catherine Price, senior program director at the Cumberland River Compact.

Participating residents take a pledge to abstain from cutting their grass for the entire month and receive a free sign to let their neighbors know about their participation in the program.

"Traditional turf grass has really short roots, so when water hits that grass it doesn't really soak in, it actually kind of runs off carrying pollution into our local streams and rivers," Price said.

Jerry Vandiver is an East Nashville resident that is participating in the initiative.

"It looks really nice when it's freshly cut; however, it looks really nice to me when the flowers are blooming and when the bees and pollinators are coming around. It feels natural. It feels like it's supposed to feel," Jerry Vandiver said.

As of April 1, 200 households had signed up to take the pledge.

"You'll see a lot of flowers popping up... You'll see bees and little insects going to those plants you're allowing to grow up and flower instead of mowing them down," Price said.

Participants are reminded that Metro law requires residents keep their grass below 12 inches in height.

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