Man Charged After Triple Stabbing In The Gulch

Posted at 4:06 AM, Nov 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-08 10:38:25-05

A man was taken into custody in connection with a triple stabbing near downtown Nashville. 

The incident happened around 1:10 a.m. Wednesday near the intersection of 11th Avenue and Grundy Street. 

Metro Nashville Police said an argument broke out between a group of homeless people, and it eventually became physical. 

The suspect, identified as Zachary Henry, allegedly stabbed three people after he and at least two others were kicked out of an abandoned building for being too rowdy.

Those victims were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment. 

Henry was apprehended near 12th Avenue and Broadway. Witnesses later identified him as the suspect. 

Police said he admitted to stabbing all three victims with an orange-handled knife that he still had in his possession. 

The investigation remained ongoing. If you have any information that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at (615) 74-CRIME.