5-year-old hurt after stray bullets enter a family's home

Posted at 7:43 AM, Jul 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 21:21:08-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A 5-year-old was hurt when bullets entered a home in the Buena Vista Pike area Monday morning, Metro Nashville Police Department officials said.

The shootout between people happened at 5:12 a.m., with the victim transported from the scene. It's unclear if the laceration to the child's back was caused by a bullet graze or debris according to a police spokesperson.

Bullet holes appeared on the outside of the home in the 3000 block of Bray Drive.

A neighbor, who wants to be anonymous, said she frequently sees kids riding their bikes on the street. Now, a bicycle sits abandoned in the victim's yard.

“It’s usually a very quiet family-oriented street," she said. That sense of security was shattered when bullets started flying. "People have to find a way to address the issues concerning them and not resort to violence. It’s easier said than done, but innocent people can be killed, and there has to be a way for people to be able to come together and address issues, whatever they are," the neighbor said.

Instead of letting fear overwhelm her, she looks forward to a day when people will make better choices. "We want to live in a world that’s filled with love and peace and harmony if that’s possible," she said.

Metro police said the house was not targeted, but was caught in the crossfire of people shooting at each other. No surveillance video has been released.