6-yr-old Attacks Teacher At Caldwell Elementary

Posted at 10:38 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-05 23:38:58-04

A female student attacked a teacher, prompting a 911 call on the girl who was just 6 years old.

It happened Tuesday at Caldwell Elementary School. Metro Police say the 6-year-old girl was throwing textbooks at the teacher and picked up a chair in a threatening manner. The teacher is identified only as a 39-year-old woman.

When police arrived, the teacher said she didn't need medical treatment. And officers say the child was too young to take to juvenile detention.

Teachers with the Tennessee Education Association say incidents like this are symptoms of a larger problem with limited resources at local schools.

"If we had the kind of alternative education for students starting in elementary school all the way through high school...that helped you educate the students that have behavioral problems and deal with their needs as well as deal with the other students, you wouldn't have this much conflict in the middle of a learning situation," said TEA Executive Director Carolyn Crowder.

Tuesday Metro Schools released the following statement:

"There was an incident today at Caldwell Elementary School involving a child who became unruly and threw items at a teacher during a tantrum. The child was disciplined appropriately, though Federal privacy laws bar us from publicly stating what that discipline was. Metro Police officers were involved, and we thank them for their assistance. We take the safety of our students and staff very seriously, and aggression toward employees, no matter who is involved, will not be tolerated."