85-Year-Old Raped, Robbed At Gunpoint

Posted: 5:06 PM, Nov 16, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-16 19:23:29-05
85-Year-Old Raped, Robbed At Gunpoint

An 85-year-old woman was allegedly raped and robbed at gunpoint in Murfreesboro in the middle of the day.

According to police, the crime happened on Sunset Avenue around 1 p.m. Tuesday when the woman was cleaning the windows of her vehicle in her garage.

The woman told police that a younger man approached her with a gun drawn, told her to perform oral sex on him, then raped her.

According to police, the man tried to destroy evidence at the scene by using water and vinegar, and before he left the garage, he stole the woman's cell phone and money. 

"There was some evidence collected at the scene," Amy Norville, public information officer with the Murfreesboro Police Department, said. "Our detectives are working diligently on some leads and some information that they've been able to gather since Tuesday, so we're hoping that there will be an arrest made soon." 

Police set up extra patrols in the neighborhood, located near Mitchell-Neilson Elementary School, and they asked neighbors to keep their doors locked and report anyone who seems suspicious.

"Know your neighbors so that you know who belongs and who is not normally in your area," Norville said. "If you see someone, give our dispatch a call. Our officers are out, they'll come by, try to make contact with that person, find out who they are and why they're in your neighborhood." 

Anyone with information on the rape and robbery in Murfreesboro has been asked to call police.