Activist Group: Jocques Clemmons Was 'Murdered' By Metro Police

Posted: 10:52 PM, Feb 16, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-17 00:10:40-05

The mid-state activist group Gideon's Army used the strongest words yet against the Metro Nashville Police Department for the officer-involved shooting that killed Jocques Clemmons.

The group said police "murdered" him.

Clemmons' death has brought renewed attention to a report released by Gideon's Army, claiming to show racial discrimination in Metro Police stops.
The controversy of his death brought people to Thursday night's Gideon's Army meeting to talk about the urgency of change.
"Jocques Clemmons has been murdered by the police," said Jahlani Smothers at the Gideon's Army meeting. "This meeting has been in the planning for months, yet the horrendous incident last Friday makes our work that much more relevant and critical."
In response to the report claiming to show racial discrimination, Metro Police officials have said they simply place more officers where more crime takes place.