After a blowout loss, Titans fans air their grievances and demand change

Titans fans are sad
Posted at 4:55 PM, Sep 20, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — There's really no way to sugarcoat it: the Tennessee Titans lost in a blowout Monday night to the Buffalo Bills.

To add insult to injury, it was in front of a national TV audience.

There are days when sports radio turns into more of a therapy session. After Tennessee's collapse in Buffalo of Titanic proportions, this is one of those days.

"We only have seven lines and so, six of them are filled up right now," said Joe Hunk, the producer of Blaine and Mickey on 104.5 The Zone.

Tuesday was one of those days. "Let’s let you get some of this off your chest, starting with Dustin in LaVergne," said Mickey Ryan, co-host of Blaine and Mickey.

"Hey guys, we’re at rock bottom so there’s only one place to go from here at least," replied Dustin from LaVergne.

"Last night, we looked like a junior varsity team bro," said Dan, a frequent caller into The Zone.

It wasn't just the callers airing their grievances. Former Titan turned radio host, Blaine Bishop, called it a total team failure.

"The defense against the run — how many teams are there in the NFL?" asked Bishop. "31st run defense. This is why I keep talking about the defense."

Titans fans on Twitter also let their snark be known, meme after meme.

It's one thing to get something off your chest — to gripe, to complain. It's another to provide solutions. NewsChannel 5 definitely found a Titans fan who thinks he has a solution.

"I want the offensive coordinator fired. He needs to be gone first," said Tyrekus Jones, a longtime Titans fan.

Jones feels so confident that Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing needs a pink slip, he's created his own online petition. At last check, the petition is just shy of 1,200 signatures.

"I think it’s his fault, and I’m going to continue thinking it’s his fault," said Jones. "Our offense was top five, all we did was promote Todd Downing, and we went to 31st? So now we’re the caboose? Nah."

Despite Tyrekus feeling the two-tone blues, there's nothing the team can do to wash away his fandom. After all, he has some permanent reminders of his favorite team.

"I’ve got six Titans tattoos," said Jones. "We’re still going to support them though, no matter what."

Mickey Ryan says that may be the point here. It's not that fans are giving up their support, they're just starting to lose hope.

"I think some people are nervous because the things they have questions about still feel unresolved now a couple of games into the season," said Ryan. "When things aren’t working, they want change. And immediate change — and a lot of it."

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel told reporters Tuesday afternoon that dismissing any member of the coaching staff was not anything they were going to do right now.