After running out of funding, a Nashville commission has new emergency money to help renters

One-time rent relief assistance now available to help
Nashville apartment
Posted at 5:19 PM, Jan 25, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — After originally running out of money, the Metro Action Commission now has more emergency funding available to help people in need.

The agency is now pulling funding from other programs to fill the gap for seniors with property tax needs and renters.

Carlos Holder refuses to move from his neighborhood. Holder said,

"You see, they moved everybody out," Holder said.

He says costs have gone up.

"The property tax — that’s like paying the bill again for your house," Holder said.

That's why the Metro Action Commission has been busy. In three months, it used up their entire budget of $475,000 for those one-time emergency needs, according to spokesperson Lisa McCrady.

"Where you and I may be able to pull from some other resources, families with limited resources — they don’t have that option," McCrady said.
"So we felt like where else can we tighten the belt so to speak to be able to pull from this situation."

Now they're pulling $2.5 million from other initiatives to help an additional 700 people.

"There’s an availability and an affordability issue here in Davidson County. This is a short-term remedy to what we feel like is a bigger issue," McCrady said.

Alexis Dixon knows the problem all too well.

"If you have a house and you got to leave for a minute but you could come back, the rent was $900 or $1,000," Dixon said, "Then every month they want $1,500? I feel like they want this area because there are people from California and New York coming to Nashville."

Alexis is experiencing homelessness, and not sure what to do next.

"Everybody’s living on top of each other," Dixon said, "So as far as rent assistance — we need it."

If you sent in an application when they ran out of money, the Metro Action Commission still has it. They're accepting new applications too. Apply here or call 615-862-8860.

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