Alcohol restrictions for unenclosed entertainment transportation vehicles are now in effect

Posted at 7:03 AM, Dec 01, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A new Metro ordinance prohibiting the possession and consumption of open containers of alcohol, including beer, in unenclosed entertainment transportation vehicles takes effect Wednesday.

A group of Metro police officers will be joining with personnel from the Transportation Licensing Commission and the Beer Board to monitor compliance. A team of six officers and a sergeant will be in the area of entertainment transportation pickup and drop-off locations to remind businesses and their patrons of the new ordinance and to seek voluntary compliance.

Violating the ordinance is subject to the issuance of a Metropolitan civil citation which, upon adjudication, carries a $50 fine.

Officers working the MNPD’s Entertainment District Initiative on Thursday through Sunday nights will also be watching for compliance with the new ordinance and will take enforcement action as appropriate.

Recently another bill was introduced by Metro councilmembers that would allow unenclosed party vehicles to have beer. However, as of December 1, this new ordinance banning all alcohol on board is in effect.

Starting in April, entertainment vehicles will need a certificate and permit from the MTLC to operate.

Drivers and business operators would also be subject to background checks, vehicles would also be subject to random safety and maintenance inspections, and must abide by noise regulations.