Work to upgrade our antenna signal enters home stretch

Posted at 3:16 PM, Nov 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-15 16:08:14-05

(WTVF) — We're entering the home stretch on our FCC-mandated work to put our new antenna on the top of our tower.

At this time, our tower crews believe the work will be complete this weekend or early next week.

This also impacts DirecTV users. DirecTV currently receives our signal through antenna. We have tried to work with DirecTV to accept a different signal, but they have so far refused to do so.

To those that have been inconvenienced, we truly appreciate your patience.

That work began more than a week ago, after we launched our new signal on October 18th. It's happening at 1,100 feet in the air, meaning it's dangerous and slow going, and cannot take place during times of rain or heavy winds.

Even if you have our signal currently, there still may be times we may have to turn off our current over-the-air signal temporarily to allow our tower crew to complete this work safely. When this happens, please do not rescan your television. Rescanning simply tells your TV where to find our frequency -- if you rescan when our signal is down, your TV assumes that there is no signal there anymore. If you do not rescan, the signal will come back on 5-1 as soon as we're able to turn it back on. (If you did rescan while our signal is down, you'll just need to rescan once again once our signal is back up.)

If you would like to be contacted when our work is done, please either email us here or call our rescan help line at 615-244-5005 and leave your phone number so we and call you when the work is complete.