Antioch family loses their home while mourning the loss of son found dead inside his trunk

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Posted at 9:52 PM, Jun 05, 2022

Quotes in this article have been translated from Spanish.

Learning her son was found dead inside the trunk of his car is a pain Maria Isabel Nuñez Castillo said only she knows.

"They don't know the great damage that they have because to me as a mother, because as a mother no one wants to go through this," she said.

On May 19, Nuñez Castillo said Metro Police called her in to identify her son, 18-year-old, Haron Francisco Martínez Nuñez.

"I feel like I'm not here, like this isn't true," she said.

These last two weeks — the Nuñez family has been busy organizing Haron's funeral.

"He was the kind of boy who, if a classmate of his didn't have anything to eat, he would give share the food that his grandmother prepared for him," Haron's mother said.

With so much going on and trying to process their loss, the family said they fell behind on rent for four days. They expected to pay a late fee, but when they returned home they found nothing.

A double heartbreak for the Nunez family because along with all of their belongings, the last items that Haron owned were also thrown away.

"I just want to know where are my things? I don't care about the other items, but I care about my son's things because they are worth a lot to me," Nuñez Castillo said.

Three years ago she and her three children left Honduras and set off in a caravan. They moved to Nashville to escape crime and danger. Now she said she feels hopeless.

"I don't know why they look down on immigrants just like us, I don't know why they look down on us," she said.

Despite suffering through so much agony the Nuñez family's faith is set on getting justice.

"What I want is for my son's death not to go unpunished. Maybe if someone is watching the news, if someone recognized my son, please inform the police," Nuñez Castillo said.

NewsChannel5 reached out to management at the mobile home park, but have not heard back.

The Nunez family is asking for donations including clothes, shoes, or financial gifts. If you would like to help the Nuñez family you can contact them at 615-475-3684.