Army uniform survives storm damage untouched

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Posted at 10:50 PM, Oct 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-28 23:54:06-04

CUMBERLAND FURNACE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Strong winds throughout Middle Tennessee caused severe damage to homes and property. One home on Highway 13 in Cumberland Furnace was destroyed when a tree fell on it, leaving it unlivable.

The family lost almost everything in Saturday afternoon's storm. Cassie Savage says she was in her bedroom watching TV when she stepped outside for one second.

"When that thing went through it sounded like an explosion," said Savage, "it terrified me."

But one precious item remained untouched - an army uniform. The uniform belongs to Savage's husband. The family found it hanging untouched from a pole among the chaos.

"The tree was still on the house," said Savage,"that's where he shimmied up they didn't want us near the house but my son was like I'm going to get that."

Another priceless item they were able to save from the debris was her step father's flag.

"My stepdad had passed away, he was a retired air force and we had the flag in a case where they hand it to me. It was still in there and my youngest son went in there and got it," said Savage.

Savage tells me she believes its a sign that someone was watching over them that day. When the tree smashed into their home, she was inside with her husband, two sons and Bubba, the family's dog. All walking away without a scratch.

The family is living in their basement while they work to find a place to stay. They didn't have renters insurance so someone set up a GoFundMe for them. If you want to help, click here.