Arrington Vineyards expands with new state-of-the-art glass pavilion

Posted at 8:07 AM, Nov 02, 2018

Row after row you see the leaves at different stages.

"The season was a good year. It was a little wet in Tennessee but that's pretty much usual for us," said Arrington Vineyards' winemaker, Chase Vienneau.

That's because fall comes to different parts of the vineyard at different times, with the cold air sitting at the bottom of the hills.

Vienneau says all the grapes have been gathered.

"We're coming out of harvest season. All the grapes in Tennessee have been picked. All the grapes in California and Washington have been picked, as well," he said. 

Still, the work at the vineyard is hardly over. In fact -- in many ways -- these barrels are just getting started. 

"A lot of that wine will be sitting here for two to three years to achieve a certain kind of flavor," he said. 

While we wait on that flavor to mature, he says Arrington is winterizing -- they've even constructed a new space, a state-of-the-art, glass pavilion.

"Having a pavilion, it'll create a little more flow of our guests throughout the winter months. It'll be heated, there will be music -- all the fun stuff," he said.