Artists Paint Nashville Murals On Thanksgiving

Posted at 10:33 PM, Nov 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-23 23:35:05-05

A growing and trendy neighborhood in Nashville has been popping even more with splashes of color.

Thanksgiving wasn't enough to stop several artists from painting on the side of Music City Tents and Events in the Nations neighborhood. 

“I think it adds a lot to the neighborhood and city in general making it a more beautiful place to drive around and not be bombarded by khaki all the time,” said one artist, Chris Zidek.

The owner of the building allowed ten local artists to create murals of their liking. It was part of the privately-funded Nashville Walls Project.

The masterminds of the project were also behind the nearby silo portrait.

Many residents have stopped by to take pictures and speak with the artists, including Zidek.

He has been calling his mural “Demi-Goddesses.” 

“The other day, some kids came by after school, ‘What is that? That's an alien. No that's an alien. No that's a superhero.’ Well what do you think Thor is? They're like, ‘Huh?’” Zidek said of the excited faces that have stopped to view his work.

For those wanting to see them, the murals were expected to be finished by Monday.