Attorney says wrongful death lawsuit filed in Brentwood police officer's death settled

Franklin bar agrees to settlement, issues apology
Posted at 2:05 PM, Apr 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-09 23:53:32-04

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WTVF)  — A wrongful death lawsuits filed in the wake of Brentwood Police Officer Destin Legieza’s on-duty death has been settled.

Legieza was killed in a crash on Franklin Road back on June 18 when his SUV was struck by a woman traveling the opposite direction.

The suspect, Ashley Kroese, has been charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication. According to an affidavit, Kroese had a BAC of .166 and was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes at the time of the crash.

Legieza’s widow, Heather Legieza, filed a civil suit against Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor in Franklin last year for $7 million, saying the bar served Kroese alcoholic beverages before the crash for several hours even though servers knew she was visibly intoxicated.

Kimbro's originally denied that claim, saying Krose left the bar several hours before the crash. But Friday, attorneys for Legieza's wife said surveillance video from a nearby business shows a Kimbro's manager walking Kroese to her car just ten minutes before the crash.

After that new information was revealed, Legieza’s attorney said Friday that Legieza and Kimbro's had agreed to a settlement.

The bar also issued an apology, saying in part: “We continue to feel terrible for Ms. Legieza’s loss and wish her the best in the future."

As part of the settlement, Legieza's attorney released several video clips of Heather Legieza reacting to the settlement.

"Drinking and driving is a senseless crime, and it's 100% preventable," Legieza said in one of the prepared clips. "There are so many resources out there today, with Uber, Lyft, taxis, call a friend. Anything to get you home safe. My husband's life was taken by a drunk driver and all it took was someone to step in to get her a safe ride home."

Legieza was the first Brentwood police officer to die in the line of duty.

Kroese still faces criminal charges in relation to Legieza's death.

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