Bailey & Cato Family Restaurant Reopens In Madison

Posted at 8:45 PM, Feb 18, 2018

A soul food staple has reopened after they sold their previous lot to a developer.

Bailey and Cato Family Restaurant called Riverside Village home from 2000 to 2016.

When they moved, some people were concerned that "big money" was pushing out small business.

"I missed it a lot, a whole lot," Kathy Keesee said.

After reopening, Derrick Bailey believes business will be bigger and better. Over the weekend, the line was out the door. 

"Just like with Nashville, music brings us together, good ole' soul food brings us all together. I think that's the story that happens, and it's very good," Ronald Anderson said.

Derrick Bailey has been excited to take over the family business and expand it. 

"It's a blessing," Bailey said.

Their restaurant is now located in the Due West Plaza off Gallatin Pike in Madison. 

"I missed working here and cooking food," Bailey said. "Cooking food, that's my life! That's what I do." 

Derrick Bailey's parents started cooking soul food more than two decades ago. 

"Good family," Bailey said.

They sold their lot to a developer in East Nashville a couple years ago, and now their son is continuing the soul food legacy. 

"Our place is three times bigger, so we can accommodate the people to sit in, which that is what we need," Bailey said. "And then we got the parking spaces that we need too also." 

They tried to have a soft opening on Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., but word got out on Facebook. 

"Long line here today," Anderson said.

"We ran out of food," Bailey said. "You see all these people in here? They're not just buying one plate. They're getting five and six and seven plates at a time!" 

As his parents pass him the torch, Bailey is confident Madison will be revitalized next.

"Madison never had a liquor store, but they just put one of the big liquor stores that I know in Nashville in Madison," Bailey said. "So that lets you know one thing, that Madison is changing." 

He hopes that he can pass the family business down to his kids like his parents did for him.

"I'm prepared for the change, I'm ready," Bailey said. "I'm going to change with it."