Bar Owners Concerned With Trash Left On Lower Broadway

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 23:29:32-04

As thousands of country music fans are poised to descend on Nashville for CMA Fest, some bar owners say something needs to be done with what those music lovers leave behind – trash.

All of it is a symptom of how much Nashville is growing. Some bar owners are concerned with the amount of trash out in the middle of alleys, and other rights of way on lower Broad.

Bar owners say the problem stems from so many new bars on lower broad, including many bars expanding to their rooftops.

But others say the problem also lies with some of the bar owners, who didn't provide for places to store a lot of trash outside of where the public can walk.

“We built recesses, the Second Fiddle has a recess for all the trash, nothing in the alley, Legends Corner has one encased in brick, The Stage has one inserted inside the building, so we made provisions when we built them,” said Ruble Sanderson, who owns those three Honky Tonks on lower Broad.

Last year, Metro Public Works says it collected 66 hundred tons of trash from downtown.