Bellevue ballpark could be torn down because of 2005 rule that limits number of baseball fields

Bob Heriges Memorial Field was built in 1961
Bob Heriges Memorial Field
Posted at 5:34 PM, Aug 29, 2021

BELLEVUE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A storied baseball field in Bellevue may be torn down because of an old rule that caps the number of fields there can be in Edwin and Percy Warner Parks.

According to Metro Nashville Parks Department's 2005 Master Plan for Warner Parks, there cannot be six baseball fields on the 60 acres designated for sports. When the Miracle Field for children of all abilities is built on the land, there will be.

"The special needs kids need a place to play in Nashville," said Scott Tygard, who runs West Nashville Sports League.

Tygard knew the implications of adding the Miracle Field to the park grounds, but said since he decided to launch the Miracle League of Music City in 2017, WNSL registrations are up 400%.

"Four years ago we had two or three teams of 14 and up baseball teams. Now we have 12 to 15 teams playing out here," Tygard said.

Now, Tygard is doing all that he can to keep both the Bob Heriges Memorial Field and the future Miracle Field.

"If we tear down a field, we will probably have to limit the number of participants out here at Warner Parks, and that is not something we want to do. This area can handle that number of children if not more, but with special scheduling and ways to go about the traffic, the five baseball fields and the Miracle Field and its playground can coexist in a harmonious fashion," he said.

Tygard hopes the Metro Parks Board considers amending the 2005 plan saving Heriges Field.

"This field is more needed than ever before and now is not the time to tear baseball fields down," he said.

A petition to save the ballpark has received more than 800 signatures. Click here to view the petition.