Bill Would Allow Sale of Wine, Liquor On Sundays

Posted at 8:20 PM, Jan 23, 2018

Wine and liquor could soon be sold in stores on Sundays if a bill filed in the state legislature becomes law.

Currently, only beer is permitted for sale on Sundays in Tennessee. The new bill calls for wine and liquor to be available any time beer is, that includes Sundays and on certain holidays.

"I've heard in the check out line, people that have had less than favorable things to say about the law," said state representative Gerald McCormick. "My thoughts are if you can sell beer on those days, you should be able to sell liquor and wine."

The bill was first filed in 2017, but a subcommittee suggested the bill be amended and returned this year. Supporters include many liquor and wine retail stores as well as some grocery store chains, such as Kroger.

"We project that seven day sales would generate 20-28 million dollars to the retail stores," said David Ozgo of Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

However, other lawmakers have already said the bill as proposed could change.

"My intent in supporting this bill when it comes to the subcommittee... is to allow the dissenting parties to come together and try to find a middle ground which may not be this exact bill," said state representative Bob Ramsey.