Bird Scooters Keep Popularity In Nashville Despite Controversy

Posted: 8:23 PM, May 15, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-16 01:23:49Z

Since their launch in Nashville, Bird Scooters have been delivered a cease and desist letter from Metro Nashville along with complaints and a serious crash that injured riders , but people have continued riding the scooters all over town and they've been having fun while doing so.

The bird scooters are relatively easy to work. You download their app on your smartphone and you're walked through steps that allow you to use the scooter for 15 cents per minute. 

When you first sign up for the app, you're walked through rules for the scooter, such as not riding on sidewalks, using bike lanes when possible, and always wearing a helmet. 

While the rules are laid out plain and simple, many people have not obeyed those rules, instead, riding on sidewalks, not using helmets, and leaving the scooters in the middle of walkways or in front of businesses on their properties when they're finished riding. 

Many riders said they like the ease of use and the ability to get around in a pleasant way, getting to see sites around Nashville without being restricted to the inside of a car or having to walk. 

One group even told NewsChannel 5 that they were planning to take the Bird Scooters to the airport from downtown Nashville. 

The scooter company has until May 15th to come up with a solution to the cease and desist, otherwise Metro Nashville officials said they would remove the scooters from unauthorized locations.