Blind woman's purse snatched as she waited on the bus outside Kroger

Posted at 5:43 PM, Dec 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-03 20:02:15-05

The search is on for a thief who snatched a blind woman's purse as she waited on a bus outside Kroger. 

Janie and Beecher Clark have been married 6 years. Once or twice a month, Mrs. Clark goes to the Kroger on Charlotte Pike. Shopping for groceries has its obstacles when you're blind, so a Kroger employee helps her out and provides assistance. 

After shopping Friday afternoon, Mrs. Clark was waiting outside on a bench for the MTA AccessRide when a man came up to her and said hello.

Clark said, "And I said I'm fine."

Then, her purse was snatched from under her hand. Mrs. Clark feels she was targeted because she's blind. 

Clark said, "They knew that I couldn't see who it was!"

Her transportation card, Visa card, license, medicine, and cash were taken.

Clark said, "I just hope he enjoys all the money that was in there and he can't do anything with the checks or the card because I went right away and stopped it."

Mr. Clark said he was fuming when he heard what happened.

Clark said, "Angry. I was just angry and disgusted."

The suspect got away. 

Clark said, "If they can get some more charges on him, add something to it, I want them to do it!"
Mrs. Clark said she's still scared after the theft, so she had the locks changed at her home. If she finds the courage to go back to Kroger, she has a plan.

Clark said, "If I go back to Kroger I will see if they have a place on the inside for me to sit where somebody can see me, and they can see other people." 

She also wants to warn other people who wait for the bus. 

Clark said, "I just want them to be careful."

A detective has been assigned to the case. The suspect was caught on surveillance video but that hasn't been released to the public yet. If you know who committed the theft, call the Metro Nashville Police Department.