Boat Safety Tips For Memorial Day

Posted at 5:43 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 18:43:02-04

If you plan on hitting the water on Memorial Day, the boat police have a couple safety tips for you. 

“We want people to enjoy their weekend ya know and relax and we realize that along with that, people do come out here, they bring alcohol and they drink out here, make sure you have a designated driver," said Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency district boating officer Josh Landrum.

8 Ways To Stay Safe While On The Water

Landrum said people need to drink responsibly. 

“We are out here in full force on these holiday weekends, and we do enforce our BUI laws. We may stop you and ask you to perform some field sobriety tasks if we feel that you might be impaired.”

Don't forget to equip your boat with a fire extinguisher, a throw pillow if your vessel is over 16 feet long. and of course life jackets for every person.

“They have to be in good working condition, and have no holes or tears in them," said Landrum.

Also, life jackets must fit the passengers on board.

“If you have children, any child 12 and under, has to be wearing a life jacket at all times while the  boat is underway," said Landrum.

Lastly, make sure your boat registration is up to date and on your boat at all times. 

"That’s another thing that we look for. So that is typically what an officer is going to ask from you if you end up getting stopped by one of our officers out here," said Landrum.

While the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wants you to have fun on the water, they also want boaters to stay safe on Memorial Day. According to the TWRA, alcohol is a leading contributing factor in the majority of boating accidents.