Bobby Hotel Gives Back To Shelter Dogs Through Lobby Mascot

Posted: 4:55 PM, Apr 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-30 23:52:10Z
Bobby Hotel Has Resident Shelter Pooch

A new hotel's live-in lobby dog is helping raise money for the Waynesboro shelter who found her.

Sasha is a two-year-old shepherd mix who greets guests to the new Bobby Hotel, which has only been open for 11 days.

The rescue dog was brought in by hotel management from Country Road Animal Rescue after Sasha was found pregnant under a bridge in Waynesboro. Her puppies have since been adopted out, and then she was discovered by the hotel.

"We wanted her to not just be a hotel dog but to give back to the place that she came from," said Maya Stanic, who works for the company that owns Bobby Hotel. "As part of our hotel design, we've developed a hand towel that has Sasha's Face on it."

Sasha's towel is in every guest room of the hotel. If a guest decides to take the towel home, they'll be charged $25 that will be donated directly to Country Road Animal Rescue.

"Pets deserve a second chance in their life, and they did not make a decision on their own to be where they are," said Stanic. "We believe that it's always better to adopt than to buy because you're giving an animal a second chance in life."

The hotel is new, and therefore, so are all of the employees. However, through Sasha, a bond has formed among coworkers.

"We could probably not live without her at this point," said Stanic.