Defense Pokes Holes In State's Theory During Day 9 In Holly Bobo Trial

Posted: 7:43 AM, Sep 20, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-21 07:46:49-04
Defense Could Rest Soon In Holly Bobo Trial

Day 9 of the Holly Bobo murder trial ended with the state calling two rebuttal witnesses after the Defense rest its case Wednesday.

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Timeline: Holly Bobo Murder Trial Day 9

It was another day of shocking testimony in the trial. Testimony resumed Wednesday morning with US Marhall Agent John Walker taking the stand, saying he was the one who found Holly's notebook. 

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The Defense wanted to use Walker as an expert in cell phone analysis but prosecutors tried to keep that from happening. The jury was later removed from the courtroom while it was discussed.

The judge did not allow Walker to be considered as an expert, but he continued to testify. Agent Walker was asked by former TBI agent Terry Dicus to interview Terry Britt in jail. 

Britt was one of the TBI's prime suspects in the beginning of their investigation. He told the jury about his discussion with Britt in which Walker laid out all evidence they had gathered so far and the case theory they had put together in regards to what happened to Bobo.

At that point, Britt told Walker he would plea guilty to the crime.

Walker went on to ask Britt where Bobo's body was, but Britt responded with, "I can't give you something they don't have."

However, Walker did not take a written statement from Britt at that time. He said he needed the TBI present; therefore he left and passed the information on to the TBI.

Walker said the TBI did not follow up with Britt in the next few days. Walker and a TBI agent tried to get the written statement from Britt much later, but Walker said Britt was not "in the mood."

During cross examination, the prosecution pointed out that the report Walker made after his interview with Britt didn't accurately reflect the story he told the jury.

The prosecutor also pointed out that Walker did not mirandize Britt before conducting the interview.

Kristie Gutgsell, a former bail bondsman, testified about Zach Adams' appearance after bonding out of jail. She noticed that he had scratches all over his arms and legs and neck.

The next witness Jon Reeves, a cell phone expert, went over both Bobo and Adams' cell phone records.

He determined that the two phones were not in with each other long enough to say the two people were together the morning Bobo disappeared.

"In very general terms the devices were not together at the same location at the same time during that morning... Her device made a general clockwise loop... into his home sector of Cox Road and back down south..." 

The defense then asked him about his conclusion regarding Bobo's phone and Jason Autry's phone.

"There was no correlation between, that I could determine from the call records, between Holly Bobo's device and Jason Autry's device."

However, in regards to Shayne Austin, he could not make a definitive decision.

The Prosecution argued that Austin and Adams' phones wouldn't have been detected by service towers if they were off.

TBI Agent, James Garnett, was next to take the stand he testified about his interactions with Terry Britt.

Garnett talked about searching Britt's computer and finding several graphic keywords had been searched such as "rape," "anal" and "scene."

He was the Defense's last witness, once he finished direct and cross examination, the Defense rest their case.

After a short recess, Zach Adams announced he would not be testifying.

Prosecutors called two witnesses to the stand for their rebuttal. First Dana Bobo, Holly's father took the stand, then former TBI Agent, Jack Van Hooser.

On Tuesday, former TBI agent Terry Dicus told jurors that based on cell phone records, he does not believe Zach Adams kidnapped the nursing student.

Dicus also addressed a lingering theory that Holly's brother, Clint, was somehow involved or was doing drugs with Zach, calling the claims “ridiculous.”

Closing arguments could begin as early as Thursday.

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