Boy Makes It His Mission To Thank Police With Donuts

Posted at 10:26 PM, Sep 20, 2018

Police converged on a hotel convention hall in the mid-state Thursday, after they got calls about a boy who isn't even a teen yet.  But these officers weren't responding to a crime.

Tyler Carach, 10, from Florida is on a mission to thank all law enforcement officers across the country.

To that end, he was in Nashville Thursday handing out free donuts to 500 law enforcement officers in town for a K-9 officer convention.

Tyler says he, too, wants to be a K-9 officer when he grows up.

His mom, Sheena Carach, says Tyler loves talking to each and every police officer and sheriffs deputy he meets.

"He's very social, this is his life, this is his passion," Sheena said.  "He gets around police officers and he just loves it, he's super passionate about it."

The Franklin donut shop Tiny Little Donuts provided the sweet treats for Tyler.