Brentwood High School Teens Take Top Honors In Statewide PSA Competition

Posted: 5:51 PM, May 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-18 23:55:30Z

Three Brentwood High School students have earned top honors for a 30-second PSA video they created highlighting the dangers of the opioid crisis in Tennessee. NewsChannel 5 partnered with Tennessee Together to launch the statewide competition.

“It’s called 'I Pledge Addiction,' so what we did is we took the Pledge of Allegiance and adapted some of the words in it to reflect the opioid epidemic,” rising senior Garrett Liney said.

The PSA video was shot, edited, and produced by Liney, graduating senior Nicholas Walter, and graduating senior Matthew King.

“It’s a very serious topic obviously, and he [Liney] had a really good idea for it,” said King.

Liney said he found inspiration in a TV ad. “It was an anti-smoking PSA. The theme was in every cigarette there’s a contract, and that really got my creative juices flowing about the idea that when you do a drug or any sort of addictive substance, you’re really signing away your independence,” explained Liney.

After dozens of entries and thousands of votes cast, their video came out on top. Now it'll be played in a social media ad campaign across Tennessee, a state where the opioid pandemic is growing.

“I want their efforts rewarded and to be seen by people,” their teacher, Ronnie Adcock, said. “The glory is for the kids because they’re the ones doing the work.”

“Maybe we can help people. Maybe we’ll inspire some people to enact positive change,” said Liney.

If you'd like more information on Tennessee Together and the opioid crisis in Tennessee, click here .