Brentwood restaurant dedicated to feeding hungry children seeks employees ahead of grand opening

Posted at 8:26 AM, Apr 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-21 09:26:25-04

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WTVF) — A new Brentwood taco shop dedicated to raising money for hungry children is seeking vital employees in a flooded job market ahead of its grand opening.

Tacos 4 Life Franchisee Whitney Cash said it was the mission of the business that drew her and her husband to the company.

"In 2009, our founders... realized that there were over 18,000 kids a day dying of starvation, and that it was a solvable problem," Cash explained. "So they kind of took the Toms [shoe company] approach and said we can help, we can do this and did the meal-for-meal program. So for every taco, every bowl, every quesadilla you buy, you provide a meal for a child in need through Feed My Starving Children."

Feed My Starving Children supports children in 70 countries worldwide with "Manna Packs", which the organization packages and delivers.

"It has rice, soy protein, vegetables, and other nutrients, vitamins. This pack will feed a child for a week or a family for a day," detailed Cash. "We will eventually be doing mobile packing stations in the [Nashville] area. So, we'll be giving the opportunity for other people to get involved."

Tacos 4 Life Brentwood Franchisee Whitney Cash

"There are over 18,000 children a day who are dying of starvation. And that is something that is simply a distribution problem and to get the food to them and that's what Feed My Starving Children does," explained Cash.

She said their goal is for every customer to understand their mission.

"When guests come into our restaurant, there's a large screen behind the counter, and then we'll have a live up-to-date meal counter on it," Cash explained. "So it shows us company-wide Tacos 4 Life, and then it shows Tacos 4 Life Brentwood. We just look forward to being able to make that number go up."

The restaurant also has an app that allows each customer to track their contributions based on the number of meals and merchandise they purchase.

Tacos 4 Life shares in real-time the number of meals donated to children around the world in a screen behind their register.

Tacos 4 Life Brentwood had to push its grand opening back multiple times due to the challenges of hiring post-peak pandemic.

"We're trying to find the right people, the right team members to join our Tacos 4 Life family so that we can start serving the community," explained Cash. "We're looking for daytime people; front-of-house people back-of-house people. We're looking for both."

The company hopes its mission will entice employees in the competitive job market.

"It's not too often where you can go to work, especially in a restaurant, and know that you were impacting others globally," Cash said.

Tacos 4 Life restaurant set to open in Brentwood, Tennessee, donates 24 cents equating to 1 meal for a child in one of 70 countries that hunger organization Feed My Starving Children supports every time a customer buys a taco, quesadilla, children's meal, and more.

"We just want people to understand our mission and our values and know who we are and [know] they have impacted others just by eating out," explained Cash.

Tacos 4 Life will host a hiring event Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the restaurant in Brentwood, Tennessee, at 7020 Executive Center Drive.

Cash said the hope is to fill their final openings and open the restaurant by the end of April.

"Being a part of Tacos 4 Life, or eating at Tacos 4 Life, you get to be a part of something greater," she said. "It's not just a meal and it's not just a job. There's way more to it."

Tacos 4 Life Brentwood becomes the franchise's 21st location and the third in Tennessee.