Briley Puts Downtown Flood Wall Back On City Project Wish List

Posted: 9:38 PM, May 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-22 03:21:11Z
Briley Puts Flood Wall Back On City Wish List
Briley Puts Flood Wall Back On City Wish List

It's been turned down three times by Metro's leaders – but Nashville Mayor David Briley wants to go after plans for a multi-million dollar downtown flood wall.

The plan was similarly proposed by two previous mayors – Karl Dean and Megan Barry – and now it's back again, at a higher price tag: $125 million. That’s $25 million more than when the plan was originally introduced.

Briley put the request in this year's Capital Improvement Budget – a city project wish list of sorts.

Monday, the Mayor's office said in a statement:

"Metro Water Services has studied the city's need for flood protection and sees this plan as integral. It's now up to council members to weigh that against the other needs of the city and decide. The hazard of flooding is not new for Nashville. What is new is the frequency and severity of storms.”

At-Large Councilman Bob Mendes said he's going to move to get the project, and the price tag, out of the city plan.

“I think there hasn't been enough county-wide engagement, and I think the voters of Davidson county are not interested in paying for a downtown flood wall for $125 million at this time,” Mendes said.

Mendes stated money spent on flood protection should benefit everyone across Davidson County.