Nashville Mayor Seeks $1M To Demolish Greer Stadium, Convert Land Into Park

Posted at 6:27 AM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-13 20:59:25-04

New Nashville Mayor David Briley has proposed a plan to demolish Greer Stadium and convert the land into a park.  

Briley said Tuesday that he would seek $1 million from Metro Council in order to fund the project to "honor Nashville's rich history."

Greer Stadium sits directly downhill from Fort Negley, which was built by nearly 3,000 Union slaves during the Civil War. Briley said the park he's proposing would honor that sacrifice, though there are no solidified plans as to what that could look like.

"Our country, our city has never really done what is necessary to acknowledge the sacrifice of slaves in our country," Briley said. "This is a moment, this is a place where we begin to acknowledge and to atone and reconcile what will always be a scar upon the history of this great nation."

The announcement had been expected after a Friends of Fort Negley board member confirmed the news in a Facebook post Monday night. The board president called this "exciting news." 

There's been much debate over what to do with the land, which is located about a mile south of downtown. 

Earlier this year, developers pulled their plans to redevelop the area around Fort Negley after archeologists discovered what they believe are Civil War-era graves.

Historians said as many as 800 slaves died while working there during the Civil War. 

Supporters have long said the land should be preserved as part of Nashville's history and it now appears that will happen. 

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