Business Owner Has Two Trailers Stolen From Storage Facility

Posted: 10:57 PM, Nov 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-14 23:57:00-05
Business Owner Has Two Trailers Stolen From Storage Facility

A local businessman says he was dealt a crippling blow -- after a trailer jam-packed with equipment for his tent, table and chair rental business was stolen from him in not just one theft, but two.

Now, that business owner, Andrew Ammerman, says he thinks the storage company CubeSmart, located off South Church Street in Murfreesboro where his trailers were being stored, should be held responsible.

Ammerman says he's been forced to move his business into his home garage for the time being.  He says one of his trailers was stolen six weeks ago, another was stolen this week.

Ammerman says he thinks CubeSmart should be held responsible for the thefts because he says six weeks ago, they told him their security cameras were down, and hadn't been working for weeks.

Two years ago the same CubeSmart came under fire for not fixing a broken gate for several weeks, while a thief stole Lance Sutton's trailer filled with lawn mowing equipment.

Sutton eventually sued CubeSmart for negligence, and a judge ruled against the company.