Businesses Capitalize On Bachelorette Parties In Music City

Posted at 7:24 PM, Apr 06, 2018

Because of an uptick in bachelor and bachelorette groups picking Nashville as their town to party, local businesses have begun catering to the many groups of tourists visiting Music City.

For many Nashvillians, bachelorette parties wearing sashes, or pedaling down Broadway can be a little annoying, but for the parties themselves, they're just in Nashville to have a good time. 

"They really get a Nashville experience when they come here," said Rosa Ellett, Senior Director of Sales at Bach Weekend. “We take care of their lodging, their daytime activities, their nighttime parties, their dinners, all of that fun stuff. And adding in fun swag bags and hangover kits, sashes and flasks, so it’s a full experience they get here.”

Bach Weekend has been around for about five years and grown into a business that takes numerous groups during weekends and gives them a VIP experience they won't forget. 

"It makes it a lot more fun than just kind of like bumming around on Broadway bouncing around, trying to find the spot that you want to go to," Ellett said. 

Bach Weekend works with their clients for months before they arrive in Nashville for their weekend of celebration, and because of the friendship they form, they believe their clients treat the city with more respect. 

"I feel like our clients respect the city a whole lot more than what I feel like some of the bad raps of bachelorette parties have gotten downtown. We kind of put that organization to the chaos that can be a bachelor or bachelorette party," Ellett said. 

In addition, Ellett said Nashville is changing, and the city has to adapt and welcome visitors. 

"it's kind of like a kid on Christmas day. They're coming to Nashville for the very first time, they're seeing the neon lights, everything is new for them." 

Ellett believes if it's done the right way in a respectful, organized way, that the city can benefit from new business, money spent, and simply a good image that benefits locals and visitors alike.